Friday, 22 June 2012


As promised here is the Highlander all painted up. (although i just realised I forgot to take the 45degree angle shots will update later)

The first of my laser cut parts the bulk of this build really came together fast which meant I could spend extra time adding details and tweaking things.

Its also my first foray into scribing which you can see on the thighs and left arm. I've learnt a lot more about model making on this build I still finish everything by hand. With my new workshop I'm hoping to have a few more tools that will help make cleaner lines and more intricate designs the added bonus is the shop is next to the house so no long treks back and forth during casting runs.

Whats next well probably don't expect too much till July/August. Maybe a new mech or I might revisited an old one.


  1. Very nice job with that mech. I been following your blog for a few months now and that Highlander is just awesome. Keep up the good work.