Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mobile field base - Kotobukiya kit

Some people have asked me about the trailer in the previous post. It's made by Kotobukiya, Trailer Base 003 from the M.S.G line. Its a really nice kit very well made and good value.

It makes a great MFB close to 1/60 scale the Gatling gun and missile launcher easily pass for a RAC5 and SRM6/MRM6.

I painted it dirty white with hazard stripes. It was a quick afternoon paint job.

Sneaky highlander update.. shh
Been waiting for some more resin (on back order) plus there was a gap in the rain so I could base coat my own highlander. I'm really liking the Heat sink detail looking forward to painting some drippy oily residue running from it :D (sad I know, don't you judge me :P)

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