Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New year

Here at the Reverse Disabled Build blog I'd like to say thank you for all the support people have given me in the last year.

This year I completed three mechs and with each one my knowledge has bounded. Some hard lessons have been learnt others have been more of a happy accident. It has been fun to push my skill and find a new confidence with in myself.

The positive comments and your willingness spent your hard earned my work is an imminence sauce of validation for me. Which is so important as I work in isolation and motivation can be elusive to find.

For 2013 I plan to move onto the next evolution of design. A 3d printed model with detail and assembly of a professional grade is my goal. The first Mech will be a test run to see how the process works and if successful 2013 will be a Bumper year for Big Mech and MWO fans a like.

I have dreams for the future behind 2013 but at this point they are too far to grasp. But if growth continue like 2012 who knows!

Have a good 2013 MECH FANS!!

I'll also be accepting new orders from today. If you have already emailed me and I'll be getting to those this week. If you want to get in touch as always the email is;

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