Monday, 12 May 2014

Getting to the final stage of paint and assembley - musing for the finishing details.

Progress has spead up on the YLW once I made it throught the elobrate red and white colour scheme, and on the the more normal shadeing and highlights.

My thoughts turn too finishing details like in which way to paint the cockpit glass, its a small space with bad access so I'll mask as much as I can up so not to accidently smear paint. It's also an odd shape, the great thing about have a 3d model it i can make a few goes at it with photoshop to see how the reflection should flow. And theres lots of different ways you can go; treat the glass as whole or indvidual panes does it turn a corner, how much 'light' does each pane, etc, some rough examples;

Thre right choice will make the glass pop. Here whats I decided on (always green because I like green cockpit glass :P)

It'll have to be hand painted most likely because the airbrush cant get accesss.

I've also be giving thought to equipment lenses that you find on the MWO models. In the past I've painted either grey fade or blue tint. But I never really felt that looked good enough. Flipping through Deviantart I found this pic;

It's very eye catching and to me it shouts scope not laser, I'm going to paint equipment lenses like this.

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