Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rails soldered

The rear of each shin has two hand rails. I've not done any soldering before I tried with the raven and using Stainless steel wire but that was no bueno. Super glue doesn't work on 1mm (or in this case 0.8mm) wire your only real option is to solder

For the cent I did a some google foo and found out that stainless doesnt solder unless you can heat up with a blow torch. That sounded too extreme, so I went with the next best choice brass wire its softer but in short lenghts should be up to the task.

I made a template on my desk, formed the wire and taped it down. Blob of solder to joint the pieces, then filed away the excess and cut the legs to length (6mm) the leg will go into the shin 4mm leaving the rail sitting 2mm proud.

Oh and those barrels also got painted;


  1. Hello!
    How can I order some models?

    1. At the moment I'm just focusing on finishing PGI's order. If I have spare resin I'll use it up and post something on my blog.

      But for now I cant see the Wang from the trees to take on more work.