Friday, 9 May 2014

What decals did YLW have?

What decals does "Yen Lo Wang" have if any?

Answers, with source please.

-= Update=-
In other news I was running low on airbrush cleaner (which i also use for taking back the paint for weathering) and dam the new brand I bought has the power of weak water....

Where the Vallejo airbrush cleaner just whisks paint away this one need barely makes any inroads.

Annoyed because now its a weekend and I stuck 1/2 way through weathering. My advice AVOID: "MEDEA Airbrush Cleaner" it has the power of soapy water and even more damming they don't specify whats in it...


  1. What era do you want for decals? Justin Allard at Solaris VII, Kai before Solaris, Kai at Solaris, or Kai after Solaris?

  2. Kai during the clan wars since that's about where we are with the MWO timeline.

  3. That puts him in the 10th Lyran Guard. He didn't receive the Yen Lo Wang until after the Dragoons' summit on Outreach. I don't have access to my novels at the moment but this occurs in "Lost Destiny". He took a Jade Falcon Mech with him off of a cliff into the sea to save Victor. I want to say there's a pretty good description of the Mech in there.