Friday, 10 October 2014

Leopard update

Not much work has been done on the leopard. Our 2nd child is due this month so I've been running about finishing all those jobs around the house that need taking care of before the gremlin arrives.

But i have been musing how to break down the drops ship this is the first draft

As you can see allot of parts about 40.

I might put the 2 bow slices together and the 2 stern slices but I have to make sure they all fit in the vacuum/pressure chamber (the cylinder you see behind) with enough clearance for a few cm of rtv and the mould boxes. Ideally I would cast them in as bigger chunks as possible means; less rtv (cheaper), less seams, quicker casting. But it never so simple as I also have to think about orientation and where the moulds will open, so I will have to take my time and think this one through carefully.

On a side note I finally painted my mini commando thats been sitting around in a spray can lid for a year.

It was a last minute idea to rescale and print so the detail was never really there (lost in the rescaling). The paint job was quick done between MWO drops in a Saturday and I think it looks cool. I enjoyed it so much I sent a TT scaled cent and dragon to the printers, which turned out to be a far more involved job than a 2min rescale end up being 2 days of fighting my 3D modelling software daemons which hates any thing tiny and detailed!

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