Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Holding a circular patten, waiting to land.

The leopards eta was 7to10 working days and 10working days would of been yesterday. The 3d printers contacted me yesterday to say they were 2days behind (plus a day ro 2 for shipping)

So just a little longer hopefully Friday if not maybe Saturday or worse case Monday (I hate weekends).

In the mean time I've been getting the armorcast vulture and madcat ready to paint. I was thinking for the madcat the same jade falcons scheme (duck egg green and pink accents) but for the vulture this

Which kinda looks something like this from the cartoon Kristen Redmond mech grey/purple/green but i'm not a fan of purple that's going to ceramic red;

 I might try to mixed a hint of grey/green for the barrels and a charcoal strip for the nose kinda like this;

My photo shop skills failed me the barrels should be more matte and more subtle tint of green, not sold on the centre being grey either will have to stare at it some more.

And the madcat something like this

Again the green to pink would be much more subtle

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  1. Can't wait to see the end product! Already looks really good "on paper" :D