Sunday, 19 April 2015

Glimse into my workshop

New bench built. Allot of stuff to get into a small space still in the process of tidying every thing up. The walls are crooked and two brick piers each corner which complicates things. The car when its in the garage comes within 30cm of the bench.

I didn't want to loose any of my big items which meant moving my drill press and ditching my old bench to make something that would fit it and house my compressor underneath. I also didn't want anything to trip/catch my knees or feet so no central legs. Everything I importance was scaled into a 3D model for a cm perfect fit because I need to maximise the use of this modest space.

4.5x4.5cm framing with hidden bracing, screwed/glued and secured to both walls
2.5cm MDF top cut to fit flush
Frames is set back 2cm from the top
Shelf set back 4.5cm into the frame

I plan to revisit the middle shelf and partition it adding a set of 2 draws to the right side. Draws juts take a long time to make so its a project for a less hectic time. Also going to go back and smooth edges to save catching myself on them. I need to add a MDF top the the drill press cabinet, it needs to come out any way to have the draws cleaned (metal shavings from previous owner) and come concrete snots chip off the floor wall that's stopping the cabinet from butting up flush

If you're wondering what I do for bigger projects, the car goes outside and I use this Folding Table. It packs away nicely, light weight but strong, not too bouncy and you can screw into it. Cheap enough to not cry if it gets wrecked. Had mine 2 years great for casting, spray painting, can put my chop saw on it and outside messy jobs.


  1. Any chance you can share which 3D printer you purchased, it's specs and why you chose that model?

    Keep up the awesome work!


    1. I'd just like to make something with it first before doing a post about it. Currently learning the software that came with it.