Monday, 13 April 2015

Something new

So I thought I would bring you guys up to speed. I sank a lot of time into the leopard and it was almost there but it required a huge amount of effort more than I imagined to surface finish it. It started me thinking there's got to be a better way to get parts perfect parts and not priced to volume. So I did some digging and long story short I found something went and had a demo and bought it (it should arrived Thursday).

It should produce ready to cast parts but requires careful design which some times become mind boggling. What does this mean well I'm going to scrap the SLS printed leopard and remake it on this machine (plus a little bigger and redesigned some parts. There's work to be done on the 3d model to get it fit for this machine to make but until I get the software its hard to know where the changes need to be made. I'll bring you some updated when its up and running (I have to build a bench for it and move some stuff from the workshop)

What I don't want to sit idle so I've used this down time t crack on with the next model below is the biceps made solid with some added details to the cylinders (cylinders are easier to finish now before everything is made into a solid) 

Any experts want to hazard a guess what mech this is from?


  1. This sounds promising. Were your previous models 3d printed? The surface prep in those is never ending!
    Hunchie is looking good :)

    1. Yes there were 3d printed I used the best printer service I could find (the latest machines) and still there was a few weeks of post print finishing. Which was disappointing.

      The way I've gone now its a matured industry. But I don't wont to comment too much because I'm still setting up and yet to produce an item, I rather not jinx it just incase ^^