Tuesday, 14 April 2015

MWO Hunchback 1/60 scale

As Austin Geiger guessed correctly I'm working on the Hunchback from MWO most of making it solid has been done. Then its a case of making it work as an articulated real world model this includes adding joints fixing clipping issues.

The hunchback is fairly rare in how much varieted it looks I considering the best way to design the model and how swapping the humps will work. I think I will run into issues with hitting the articulation in the shoulder while getting a clean fit I can't really see how until all the parts are cleaned and solid to see the common shared elements. The SRM6 variant posed a 2nd issue with the mirrored hump it has to be able to affix without leaving a trace and the game model keeps the rear barrel at the back clips the vents. It might be the case that I make a torso solely for the SRM6 variant otherwise I'll be too many compromises but will see there might be a way I haven't seen.

Above the model broken down into its sub sections (scale version on the right hand side for reference). Everything has been made 'a solid' bar the humps and the forearm. Odd lines, broken mesh and such referencing marks for fit I add/leave them when I start and they get deleted once everything is finalized.

I haven't really shared any pictures of my workshop its a dual purpose space where I cast and also keep my classic car. The space isn't the greatness but it has to do till my house extensions is built and I'll gain a good deal of space and be able to divide the shop from the garage. Any way for the time being with the arrival of new machine I have to optimize the garages lay out which means ditching my current workbench and build a bespoke solution that houses the new machine, keeps as main of my other items (compressor, drill press, under bench storage) my dust extractor and bench sander will have to find new place to live for now. Below is a scale mock up to help me make 100% use of the space.

Going keep playing with it see if I can steal a bit more space some where. As you can see its a small space and the marked rectangle on the floor is where the car comes too (I move it outside when I need the shop space and its rented out over the winter). Either way I have to make it by this Thursday.

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  1. Nice work! If you have any extras of that hunch back... I wouldn't mind one being sent my way! LOL!