Friday, 5 June 2015


Motoring along finished the shin 2days ago just finding the time today to write it up.

There are two buckles one left one right to be swapped over during moulding process.

Complete shin assembly with all the lovely details. Really digging the rear vent (can't wait to paint it all crusty) and the ribs on the knee. You might wonder why I cut out so much of the cylinder in the ankle its too allow for articulation and you find you can really see it once its together with the foot.

Foot and Shin together and below you can see a video of the articulation all my models get. I discovered articulation is important early on it allows to to get more natural slack poses that the 'stick up the butt' look you often find from straight 3D files. Those with enough patience could probably make a balanced running pose (for me with 2 kids I like the 'at ease' stance is my favourite due to its stability and quite ominousness)



  1. Hey, would you be willing to make a couple of Centurions if I paid you for your time?

    1. my contact email is