Friday, 14 August 2015

Forward planning - multi tasking leopard

Currently the CNC machine is sitting idle which is no good. It might as well do something with it so with that in mind last year I had the Leopard dropship printed but I was never happy with how it came out (its what prompted me to got to CNC) so I decided to abandon it. But I still have this great Leopard dropship 3D model ready other and sub dividing for CNC.

Before I invest a small amount of time in it I want to know the level of interest in a table top scale Drop ship. If there's not enough hands up then I'll probably just make it a personal project. As there no patron the price would probably be £200 which given its bigger than a thunderhawk from forgeworld (£410) and I'm not a professional shop I feel that's fair. That price didn't come out of thin air either the leopard is scaled bigger than any 1/60 scale assault mech plus it has an interior which just increases the amount of work but it'll be the first Battletech dropship to have a working bay that doesn't look like a soap bar or a football.

And for those who havent seen it together;

If you want one contact me on the address below. I'll keep a list and if I get enough people interested then it'll be a go I'll CNC it. A deposit of 25% before making moulds and the balance upon dispatch. I expect that it'll be ready to ship around new year if not earlier assuming there's brisk interest.

Feel free to share this post if you wish to drum up interest


  1. That is amazing, wish I could spare the cash. Damn exchange rates.

  2. email sent about details, I'd love to buy one

    1. Hello unknown let me know who are are an I'll check.