Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Must be Humpday - MWO hunchback

I've been promising updates for a while this ones going to be a whopper.

What we have above is the break down of the model into its component parts about 30 in all. Below is the model held together with pins and double sided tape (it can't be glue but it still needs to be cast) hence why its a bit droopy. It also has a black painted resin lower leg because those are mirrored parts.

Then we have the 4 variants top left to bottom right 4G/4P/4SP and the 4J

And finally we have a 360 of the sway back.

The model is approx 16.5cm tall to central mass.
- Static articulation (glued joints);
  • ankles
  • knees
  • hips 
- Free articulation;
  • waist
  • shoulders
  • upper elbow
  • lower* elbow (if you remove the tab). 
- Swappable parts
  • The AC20 (hot swap)
  • Laser (hot swap)
  • LRM humps (hot swap)
  • Right SRM (hot swap)
  • Left SRM requires the the rear barrel be left off and removal of this section of the torso;

In all it took 4months of machining to design and make the model at quite a hard pace. I have a few cockups along the way including having to machine the front torso twice (particularly painful given its 4day machining time) the laser hump had to be redone restarted because the block was off centre by a few mm. Tiredness lead to 3 broken bits which was frustrating but I've learn not to allow my self to be rushed or work tired.

I feel this is another big step up in terms of finish and design. More telling is I feel satisfaction with the process used to make the model. The Roland MDX-40a performs excellently in its task. I think I will change software, but its a case if doing some research before learning yet another program. I think I will also treat myself to a set of custom Mill ends (bits) to make my life easier all 25mm in reach so I'll only have to calculate depth once while writing out tool paths.

Anyone wishing to ask a question or get in touch about the models I make feel free to drop me an email on;


Oh and hey looks whose 'Wang is popping up all over MWO website and 'Dev Vlogs'


  1. Looking fantastic. Been following this one intently, it's really on another level!
    Do you have any paint schemes in mind?

    1. I had thought of a making up non-canon merc unit using muted versions of the original Jurassic park jeep (the green/tan with red strips) but I don't know seems silly to make up a unit when there's already so much in game. Maybe 1st Ghost Regiment but I might get tired of painted all those dragon scales ^^

  2. I actually quite like the Jurassic mech idea. I imagine scales would get pretty tiresome on something that size...
    I always like the 8th ghosts (I think) scheme, the one with the cherry blossom 'tattoo'. Very Japanese. It'd suit the upright stance of the HBK perfectly I think.

    1. I wanted to keep within DCMS because if I was to round out a lance for the HBK it would include a Mauler and a Black knight.

      There's the lace trick for airbrush that can make quick masks for pattens could be fun to do but all the highlights would have to be done by hand..

  3. Simply stunning stuff! Now how do I get one? ;-)