Saturday, 22 August 2015

Making mould preparations

I've not forgotten you guys or the HBK. I was just chasing my tail for 2 weeks.

I was looking to outsource making the moulds HBK as some of you might remember I hurt my thumb and it was a little more serious than I joked I worried I wasn't fit enough to make moulds/casts.

I know from went I first started that good and well price mould makers are mythical, the truth is there's very little profit in mould making since its so labour intensive and that's why I originally started casting myself. Needless to say looking for quotes resulted in having to make a 3hr trip to this 'professional' workshop where I had to wait 30mins for someone leave before I enter and receive my model. It was totally avoidable and cost me 2weeks.

Anyway it just reaffirmed that everything is best done in house where I have total control. The other good news is after going to my GP x3 and getting no where, I went privately to see a dermatologist and she fixed me up. Apparently I touched something that cause an acute allergic reaction (like a heavy metal) some cream and a few days my thumbs much better.

So I've start the process of making pour spouts for everything. Its fiddly task but I'm going to take it slow and really go for making good moulds that cast well. On the centurion I regretted not making better moulds it made for tricky casting so spend a penny here save a pound (in time) later on. So lots of vents/big chunky moulds/tape bridging are the order of the day.

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