Saturday, 9 January 2016

Hunchback MWO paint (work in progress)

I've laid down all the main colours and most of the decals/details. I just need to add a few more touches before weathering.

Sorry for the small picture, I took it free hand and this was the best of a blurry bunch.

Using the original hunchback scheme as base for this one. Only half way there lots to paint in to do to mostly weathering, blending, shading and highlights. That will turn it from plastic looking to something fresh from combat.

oh and heres a action shot all masked up I found on my phone


  1. another masterpiece in the making. Looks great Simon. I cant wait to build mine.

  2. Looks awesome, glad the Vallejo fluid is working out.

    The only person I know who had any issue with it is a buddy who sprayed aerosol black primer over top the fluid and left it for a few days, it did not chip after that :P

    1. I have encountered some issues. Some places it chips off in like cheeta spots and in others I obviously sprayed it too thinly and doesn't come off at all. Were it has gone on perfect its a joy to use the other areas I'll have to do the old way.

      I think was is needed is 2 or 3 thin coats to make sure there's enough on there to work but not to pucker.

    2. True, takes some getting used to. Can be hard to tell if you're using enough until it's too late to add more :P

  3. That is some right awesome work there. Thanks for sharin!