Thursday, 28 January 2016

PGI Hunchbacks complete - Mechwarrior online, 1:60 scale resin models

PGI Hunchbacks from Mechwarrior on-line,

Machined on a Roland MDX40A 4axis mill
Cast in resin
And painted by your host (camo ref: original release screen shot)
Photographed by one who still learning what does what.
Digital to physical
1:60 scale
Standing at just under 17cm tall

Humps swappable

Elbow in action and below a video of that

All in all I never want to see another hunchback again lol. (but I still have mine to paint at some point)

Also took the time re-photo the MWO mechs I've done to date;


  1. Impressive stuff! That double elbow is beautiful. This has been a truly epic build. Nice to see all your previous models together too.
    Plans for the future?...

    1. My new years resolution is to stop making commitments. (-edit spweling)

      I want to finish the leopard, then not sure? I think something big like an assault mech maybe one of the unseen not really sure just want to work on the leopard first.

  2. That work is awesome. The workmanship and execution on this thing is just astounding. I'm chugging away on an Archer build, and I gotta admit that between you and Tim, the standard is pretty freakin' high!

    Would love to see that Leopard.. Keep it up.

    1. thanks, building in plastic card is a slog. Moving to cad was easier until I filled all that free time pile in a ton of extra details ^^

  3. Is this kit for sale at all? I would love to get my hands on one.

  4. Great work. Do you ever sell your craft? If you do I would be interested.

    1. Hi you can email me at to discuss buying any spares I've.