Friday, 1 April 2016

Airfix CDC landrover 1:48 scale for Zomibicide

Wow its been a loooooong time since I painted anything made by anyone else. This Airfix Landrover 1:48 almost scales perfectly to 32mm (tad too big). I gave it a CDC scheme one of the back doors is missing because I painted that fecking interior and you couldn't see it with both doors on :P (we'll pretend an abomination ripped it off). It was a bugger to paint you basically part paint it during assembling it which is odd and frustrating. I bought AK chipping and weathering pots to try out on this. They work well and I'd recommend them.

The CDC stencil was hand made, the siren was painted using blue wash and added the tucked down ariel with chopper wire. I wanted it to feel like a old UN peace keeping jeep pressed into service at the hieght of the outbreak. I considered adding more custom touches like red signs saying "If you approach this vehicle you will be fire upon" but I have 71 zombies to paint and 2 cars to finish and cast so decided not to side track myself (at a later date maybe).

Oh right and I forgot I made a card for it too;

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