Friday, 22 April 2016

Zombicide car paint progress and some Gundam for good measure

I've been hopping from car to car the most complete its the green challenger. Trying to get them all the the same stage. Makes it less of a head scratcher to work out what to do. I'm really digging the cop cars painted decals. For most of these it's blacking out details and trim and you start to get a sense of what the finished model will be.

I'm looking forward to making all the lighting effects or OSL (origin source light) for the cool kids, but at the same time painting a red lighting effect is by far the hardest to do. So I'm worrying about that some and reading as much as I can about how to do it. I think before doing any OSL I'll lay down a clear coat so I have the option to wipe away any mistakes.

I also bought my son some Gundams. He seen me building my 'robots' since he was born and one day really sweetly asked me can I build one with you daddy. Since resin for 4 year old is out of the question and painting would be a critical wife error so I looked for one of the Japanese kits.

I found two really cheap on Amazon (the joys of mass-production)

And this one

Funnily enough this triggered a childhood memory I remember making a red Zuka that had a scorpion tail on its left should pad, probably my first mecha. Never really got into it too much space ballet dancing and constipated looking anime characters for me. (I preferred battletechs grit, blocky mechs)

These are really great they snap together so no need for glue. The articulation is brilliant, you can tell these guys have their kits dialled in perfectly, hardly a flash line is sight. I look at their production with great envy lol. Was my dream to bring something like that to MWO but I don't think players are willing to sign away the rights yet maybe they're holding out to do it themselves one day.

All in all I think it was about 2hrs putting it together with my son not so easy with is baby bro doing a car alarm impression. He's a bit young to do it him self but hey didn't stop him ordering me on what goes where (it must of been taking notes from the wife). For good measure I used some plastic cement just to make sure it didn't come apart in little hands or an accidental drop.

By bed time we had this happy chappie;

Along with some farther son colouring just because well robots!!;


  1. This is looking like a nice little project, weirdly I'm currently in the process of building a gundam kit. They're pretty impressive aren't they?
    I really enjoyed your dragon by the way, I have a few pics of the finished product if you're interested...

    1. Yes a lot of thought has gone into their kits. You can see decades of refinement in the design. Some of the articulation seems over done though like a double jointed neck to maybe that's a lore thing.

      I always love to see painted models! It was ingrained when I played GW that they weren't finished till they were painted.

  2. True that!
    I'll drop you an email

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