Saturday, 11 October 2014

Leopard Hanger

So last night I start to fret that the midsection of the drop ship wouldn't have the strength to support the bow and the tail without falling over like a deck of cards since the its only connected but the top and the bottom of the mech hanger.

I solution was to add a vertical central spine the turning the top and bottom of the hanger into an I beam

The spine is about 1cm thick and you can see there's a shutter door I made 5cm x 5cm as well as lots of cross beams (Should you want an open hanger but keep the strength you could drill out these sections). I've also added cross beams to the the other walls as well as personal doors and observation windows. I might add something to the floor but i wanted to keep it flat so models don't wobble.


  1. It looks awesome! Good project man! I assume this is going to be in scale with BT minis?