Sunday, 12 October 2014

Leopard - Scale and bay progress

"What is table top scale?" - Well MWO is based off Battletech and battletech is a board game played with metal miniatures around 5cm in height on a hexagonal board.

In green are 2 mechs scaled to table top height. Those centurions are 4.8cm tall so you can see plenty of head room for the larger models with bases. All said and done you could probably fit 6 models in the drop ship (three on either side)

I've also added a battletech themed floor to the bays there's some finishing touches to be added but making those hexs work took longer than I thought.

As well as seeing how the new central spine works you can also see the lugs I have been adding for strength when gluing the sections together.

I have to add some more lugs then go though the model again to make sure there's no holes in the parts or internal geometry then I should be ready to get some print quotes (if i dont get side tracked adding details).


  1. I got inspired to post some older pics of my Union. It is not NEARLY as cool as your project, but it had always been a pipe dream to have one.

    1. Yours looks great, good idea using a Christmas ball. I always wanted a dropship I've tried a few times to make a Union both attempts were abandoned my first was a paper paper mache that was all lumpy and the 2nd was out of plastic card but turned into a geometric nightmare. TBH i dont think i would attempt a sphere shape because sketch-up doesn't support rounds well and making it watertight/solid would give me grey hair! I did work out a way to print it cheaply (cheaper than the leopard) using some tricks but still the idea of detailing a sphere in sketch-up give me nightmares.

  2. Gergeous. Is there any way a humble wargamer can get himself one of these babies?

  3. yes, although new year deadline is out is more when i can get it done deadline :P

  4. hello, man that looks great. by chance would you have this in an STL file for 3d printing? If so would you be willing to sell the file?