Thursday, 11 June 2015

Busy busy Thighs done

Longest run on the mill yet at 28hrs for the main section below

Kinda got carried away and forgot to take photos of the thighs apart so only assembled pictures;

and some sexy leg;

The last part of the hip is being milled now and what has been made so far has been poured into moulds today. And I hope to mould the left version of the shin and hip in a day or two giving me a complete lower section of the HBK. Since I was making moulds today I also made some for these too

Left Lighting aero (CNC'd), Right Drgn (3D printed), Centre Centurion (3D printed)

I've been dying to get the minis done they were made months ago with 3D ultra frost detail but as you can see surface is kinda meh oh well they are just for fun. The Lighting on the other has was made on the CNC silky smooth in comparison.


  1. Wow, you're really storming along with this build! It's looking excellent, that surface smooth!
    Nice work :)

    1. thanks its been 24/7 for a few months now