Monday, 22 June 2015

HBK - Armed 'n' shexy

The arms were finished this Saturday. I gave myself Sunday off to play MWO and take a breath before delving into the torso/hunch.

(Usual caveats things are dusty, snapped with my camera phone as I work. Everything gets a stiff brush and a sonic clean before casting)

Range of extension of the first elbow (second is locked until the tab is removed)
New vs Old. - My old attempted at hand making the HBK from scratch this was early MWO before mechlab screen shots were working so it was made from memory.
Fist bump - milestone complete
Now I'm at the hardest stage of the design and build the torso is a large piece with many details to add along an awkwardly undulating shaped torso. I then have to configure the torso to hunch joint I think I have it worked out except for the SRM version which looks like it wont be hot swap (ie the left SRM would be glued into place).

Progress for today is the front symmetrical details and scribing panel lines. I do all the symmetrical parts first before the asymmetric stuff. This stage often sees thing adding getting broken once you add in features to make it a workable model but there's no real way of avoiding it despite how painful it can be to redo something when your realise it has to make way for something else.

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