Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hips, Arm update and casting frustrations

So the bad is, I'm having casting frustrations. I broke a rule which I learnt the hard way a few years ago when you find a good supplier of RTV and Resin don't change. But I was persuaded to try another brand and no bueno. Long story short the RTV was 'ok' and the resin was pants. The RTV was kind of hard means the mould lines want to spring apart :/ and the resin didn't set leaving a sticky mess in the moulds for me to clean out. Which means a whole wasted weekend of frustration (just take 3days and tear those up >.<). I bought some resin from my normal supplier but the shin moulds are both duff and I will need to make them again. I'd hope to show you full lower body assembly with my hip post but to do that I need a left and right shin and 2 feet.

I'm pushing for time as it is and frankly I'll just have to table making new moulds of the shins till i feel i have some clear air between 3d Jobs/CNC programming/family/real job/Household work.

So here's the hips (I did want to make a video of the articulation between them and the thighs I just don't have the time)

The above is just loosely assembled/pre clean up (I just didn't wish to overlook taking photos)

Now on to lower arms Detailed, jointed, divided up and spruced for CNC

Inside the elbows

Elbows, Fists, Guns, Forearms.
The forearms machining right now quite a long run at 30hrs+ hopefully done by tomorrow mid day.

The other question I've posed myself is does one need to make the PPC variant guns? I mean I know everyone will say yes but its already getting 3 humps, no stock version seems to have PPCs and the extra time to mill the PPCs could be spent getting on with the rest of the model. Its a choice  prioritizing time.

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