Sunday, 4 October 2015

Back from holiday - update

So I'm back from my holiday (first one in years). I had alot of non model stuff to catch up on hence my absence. I'm really happy to see the great reaction the HBK received it was very flattering.

I'm just starting to get back into modelling and felt like doing something for myself to get my intrest going. I decided paint the mini's I had made a while back the mechs are printed and the plane were the first thing I made on the CNC

None are super detailed (the 3D prints were fudgy and the plane was a low detail design) they were made as of amusement for me.

The planes are waiting to be sealed, some gloss for the canopy's and water effect finished. The mechs just have their base colours.


  1. They already look quite promising. Good job. I didn't know you were also producing CBT scaled stuff.

    1. Not really producing them quality is too bad compared to if I was to take them seriously. Just something quick fun and cheap to help demonstrate scale of the big mechs.