Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Yellow for the first time

and probably the last time.

For a while I wanted to paint a yellow mech. But I know how weak yellow is as a pigment is so I've avoided it for personal projects (where I'd was a lance in the same colour).

I didnt want to put a white or red base coat down as i would be using solvent to weather the paint (since my chipping medium was delayed). I used citadel yellow base as a base and model air yellow to get it to pop


I think in the end its was 4x yellow base and 2/3x yellow to get the pigment down so for that I'm glad this is a one off.

Didn't help that it seems all the new citadel paint pots happen to dry out in under 12months and I need to save it with paint thinner and strain it (not happy about that).  Seems GW has designed shelf life now where some paints (bright accents etc) might happily sit for 10+years GW decided to force people to rebuy. The main reason I've been replacing my paints with Vallejo.


  1. Yes, I've been avoiding GW paints like the plague for a long time now. Funnily enough (or not actually(, I still have the pop caps from the 80s that work (though are running low), but all the stuff I bought in the new bottles died long ago.

    1. +1

      My old GW stuff was put away when I was fourteen I came back to painting age 29 most were perfectly fine. I still have some of them in my paint box now I think a metallic purple and such.

      I still use the GW spray paints and sealant. I tried others but the GW cans seem to spray better and last longer as a result (the other ones tended to clog or dump too much paint). Hopefully gw wont tamper with those.