Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rockem & Sockem - MWO Hunchbacks 1:60 Scale

Just in time for #HunchieHalloween, I have a trick and a treat for you.

'In the yellow corner we have Rockem 
and in the blue corner we have Sockem'

Machined on a Roland MDX40A 4axis mill
Cast in resin
And painted buy your host
Photographed by some one who wished he hasn't bought such a complicated camera.
Sucked out of the digital ether and made real into the physical realm
1:60 scale
Standing at just under 17cm tall 
Seen sporting the classic AC20 candy dispenser that's bound to make your foes weak at the knees

Click for full resolution

Click for full resolution

Good fright good night mecha-minions


  1. These are awesome!
    Do you have any pics of the weapon options?

    1. Hello, These were for a display so again AC20 was glued. The next ones will be hot swap just need to fix the seal on my vacuum pot first which is was I was doing today. I've been setting up the work shop after the cars gone for the winter Also been working on the leopard CNC design and looking for some way to get 12cm (my bandsaw only does 8.5cm) width boards cut which is proving a pita.