Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Mr. Banana I hope you have sunglasses!

Red ones might go faster, but yellow ones go bananas!

I love pulling off masking tape. Its like Christmas day, opening coffee and fishing out a booger all rolled into one. It takes considerable will power not to pick at it. Impatiences drives me and it itches my brain to leave the masking tape alone, so it's a good morning when you get to pick it all off!

After the euphoria of pulling the tape,  I can't help feel a pang of panic. The colour at this point always looks fake/plastic. But I have to remind myself with shading, weathering the colours will subtle and blend.


  1. Looking good! I don't envy you painting with yellow, I always found the GW yellows to have terrible coverage. Did you use the new airbrush range from them?

  2. I used 'Averland sunset base' from GW its a heavy pigment paint so it did cover well but its not designed for airbrushes and it drying out didn't help. Yellows and red are always a 'mare to paint. I bought this pot a year or so ago specifically because its design to go over dark colours (the cent's missile rack) and Mechrite Red for the red mechs. The drying out and the name changes forcing me to reference colours GW defiantly shot themselves in foot theres no reason not to look else where.

    I'm using this chart now

  3. Ah yeah, they used to be the old foundation colours I think. They were really good, never tried putting them through an airbrush though...
    I'm using the minitaire range from badger at the moment, I'm quite impressed. Apart from the metallics, they're not amazing