Saturday, 13 October 2012

All the main parts are there

So I have all the main parts together and sitting on my desk is a 96% finished MW4 Hunchback.

I did take a few snaps on my phone but.... I'm not going to post them. "Why??!" I hear through gritted teeth. Well its not looking its best, a little messy in places (pen marks, filler) missing finishing details.

I'd rather show you the whole thing once its been cleaned up and finished. Then take some well lit focused photos to show my hours of work in the best possible light.

The forearms will probably take me a week to finish because its putty work and rushing putty always ends in tears before bedtime. I want to add laser lens to the barrel ends beef up the joint and add a few accent details all if which has to be done 2x because some one (looks in the mirror) forget to do those before casting the blanks :-|

-Update- I feel bad for not sharing a picture it was nice an sunny today so here's a peak. Just remember its not finished yet the arms need work (that's why you can see red pen marks)

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