Monday, 1 October 2012

Legs cast - arms next

Here we have a set of cast legs which have been glued.

The ball sockets have worked exceptionally well. They allow the legs to articulate slightly to give a natural stance while the feet stay 100% to the ground make for a very well balanced model. If you're a skilled modeler you could probably reshape the knees to put the legs in a walking pose. Ball joints will def be added to all future models!

My next on the todo list is the MW4 style arms you can see I've started work on a resin copy of bicep I've cut a rough grove which I'll fill with putty and make a nice soft loop in. I need to make some pins for the arm joints and we can see them cast and assembled.

Then I'll start in on the CT. the rib grooves need finishing and various odds just need a bit more attention.Then we should have a complete MW4 hunchback.

The CBT conversion isn't too far behind either. The head is finished. The fore arm is getting there I need to make the under slung laser and finish the joint surround. The bicep it more or less done it needs joints fitted to either end.

I'm going to make myself an IIC variant. I'm happy to take a mould of it but it'll be a min pre-order thing.

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