Sunday, 21 October 2012

Silicone issue

Seems like all of the last batch of silicone i ordered is bad. Going to call on Monday to have all of it replaced (hopefully with out too much trouble) before the and of next week.

Set backs like this are frustrating because they waste time in this case probably 2weeks by the time I get the replacement in. However in the mean time I'll get to work on the torso and the cbt arms. I'm keen to see both version of the HBK painted and on to the next mech!

Any way this is how the forearms came out. The detail was spot on but the resin stayed tacky. I'm guessing because of the moulds catalyst interfering with the cure process. 

 Here's a tip to deal with resin parts that are tacky. Soak them over night in some none solvent degreaser (such as simple green of you dont have that washing up liquid is ok) to remove the tackiness (just test it out with a pour stub first). I left these in degreaser over night which seems to have removed the tacky spots (but still I'll have to take a new moulds).

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