Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feeling much better

Feeling much better today. I was getting some casting done and giving the garage a clean.

While tiding up the garage i was musing on my casting methodology. And I decided to make some changes. Here's my ramblings on the subject;

  • First is bigger pour spouts. It means more cleaning up for you and there will have to be a blank area to attach it. The up side is a quicker more reliable pour which means everything can be pressurized sooner for better casts. I'll try to mould in a weak spot in the pour spout so it break clean and doesn't chip the part.
  • No more dye. Its unreliable. If not mixed properly blobs of dye gather on the part and ruin it. Too much and it effects the cure of the resin. So your stuck with beige but that's only a aesthetic 1 coat of primer and you'll be good and there will be alot less waste.
  • Lastly new rule is for myself not mixing anything more than 250g at a time. I don't know what it is but I can't resist trying to cast everything in one go. Problem being i have 5mins to mix, pour 8 moulds and get it in the pot a pressurized  that's about 30second to pour a part which tbh it's asking for trouble and results in lot of wasted resin. Now its going to be 3 moulds or 250g max. Ironically it'll take the same amount of time to cast because resin only take about 15mins to go from liquid to solid, I can then take it out of the pressure pot and set them aside to cure while i do the rest of the mould. So 4x15mins vs 2x30mins
Anyway forgive my ramblings I thought I share with you some of floats around in the space between my ears.

*Looks over at the hunchback need to get back to work!