Saturday, 6 October 2012

I've been procrastinating (Dont you judge me :P)

Not much has been done on the HBK mk2 in the last few days. I've been procrastinating, cleaning up my office and had a cold. I just been tidying up the bands on the arms and torso I'm waiting on them to cure so i can sand the putty flush and fill any low points.

Shakey phone cam pic

So like i said not much in the way of progress.  The forearms have already been finished as have the joints I just need to put them all together in a way that still allows me to cast them. I think it will have to be in 4 pieces (forearm, pin, rod end, bicep). I wanted it to be made in just 2 i.e. a clip in joint but I don't think it could of been a strong enough union.

While the HBK might have slowed. I have been working on future project planning mainly making sure my scales are bang on.

Sneaky Sunday update: putty sanded in and arm joint in place (with a temporary pin).

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