Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Commando - Paint underway

Here's what happened today;

I went with the Davion Guards I muted all the colours in the scheme the blues washed out and the red is earthy the white is off white and it'll settle down more with weathering (see those elementals). I tired to be very light with paint coat to let the base show through. Why the new Davion Guards well I wanted white to paint its that simple.

The legs are glued. I aped the pose on the MWO concept poster which is easily achievable with the joints I designed for mech (articulation in the ankle, knee and hip). One could go for a more extreme striding pose but my patience doesn't equal the amount of fiddly glue time it what take to do that.

You'll see some more updates over the week as painting goes on

Some details
Height: 14.5cm or 5.75inchs
Weight: Estimated 120grams/4.2ounces with forearms
Free moving articulation: Elbow, Shoulder, Waist
Glued articulation: Hips, Knees, Ankles
Design time: 3months
Moulds: 16
Casting time per mech: 6hours


  1. Hi, I'm stumpy the armless Commando! ;-)

    The colors look good. The details explain the price, very useful. Please keep doing that. You might want to tap into the 15/18mm market and do a 1/100 Commando, rescaling the Mech should be relatively easy (although you have the 3D print cost and the mold cost)...

  2. Brilliant! All you need is some loose myomer bundles and some dripping coolant, and you have a perfect battle-damaged Commando mech! Looking forward to the release date!