Saturday, 16 March 2013

Slow curing resin

I have 2 pairs of arms cast now both came out with their surfaces tacky I tired heating the resin up before mixing and that didn't have an effect so I can only conclude that the resin is starting to spoil.

Not a surprise since it first opened in January but its annoying since I ordered 5x 1kg and not 1x 5kg like they sent me hoe hum.

Anyway its not that big of a deal I have to wait 24hrs to see if the parts remain sticky (for those that done know roughly resin cures enough to handle within an hr, Almost cured with in 24hrs and all reactions stopped with in a week). If it hasn't then I'll order some new stuff if it has i can crack on painting.

Good news is my fever seems finished up and to be honest after a fever like that all the other aches and pains remaining feel like heaven ^^

Quick update

Seems my second set of arms have cured nicely so I can get on with painting. Maybe the first set encountered too much mould release.


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