Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beavering away

Sorry for the lack of postage lately I've just been a be introverted.

I had and overwhelming positive response to the Commando. Yo many nice comment and emails from all over. No Guts No Galaxy were even talking about it (podcast:65 9.30mins in).

Its great to hear people talking as passionately about a subject as I feel. Battletech's had allot of re-scuplts which look ok but the market place has moved on light years in comparison.

Back to the boring every day stuff. I'm talking to 2 new printers I Just need to get samples from them for future projects. I'm hoping they will be better value for larger prints.

I'm also 80% done with making the moulds for the Raven I could of finished tonight but I ran out of silicone catalyst balls! Any who, I have some more on order but it'll be Thursday before it arrives and Friday before the moulds have cured.

I'm still hoping to talk to someone in PGI to talk about getting the correct permissions to produce injection moulded Mech models. That would be really exciting time for B'tech fans and probably a child hood dream come true for me hehe. Anyway its not as simple as a thumbs up for PGI there are few other players who would have to come on board too. But I have the means we just need the will :)


  1. Hah! Wonderful project you have here. I just finished something nearly as time-consuming in the BT arena - http://battletechreader.blogspot.com/ - and the only thing I can say is, don't let it eat your life.

    That said, one of the gaming groups in GB was kind enough to run several of our designs to playtest. Pretty impressive work. I am now casting parts for a Union drop ship that will be used for play with the regular miniatures. It will look like the one on the back of StratOps because I am the guy who built that model.

  2. I just googled your dropship very nice!

    Model work has taken over life for the moment but I have an end goal I want to reach soon. Once there I want to enjoy the roses for a bit.