Sunday, 17 March 2013

Work has finished on the CMDO - pictures tommorow

So i have finally finished the commando today.

There's 2 high gloss areas drying out now its looks all milky when you first paint it on (panic) but it takes a few hours to cure crystal clear leave a nice wet glassy look a touch of paint magic underneath and you have a satisfying cockpit or lens to look at. Its hard to see with a photo because movement give it the effect.

Once the suns out I'll endeavour to get some photos that do the model justice to show you all.

And then it onto the mouuuuuntian of back log from really work to clear after having the week off sick. Then answer a few of the emails I had from yourselves over the last few weeks I did get them and read them I just had to shut out distractions to get everything I needed done.

Raven update: There'll also be something about it in the next week or two

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