Monday, 18 March 2013


Well its been a wait, but here the first(?) fully painted and ready to rock Model from MWO.

(click on the images to get bigger versions)

Lets talk about the paint Job first. Its a scheme I never liked that is until I saw a catapult repaint in the MWO repaint thread I cant recall the artists name but he used muted reds off whites which gave the scheme a wow factor. I carried on that theme and use my favourite washed out blue. All that weathering really make the cockpit, decals and laser pop right out and the two are needed to give the model visual excitement.

My favourite parts are the little wire ariel on his back (There's a punch mark where to drill the hole for that) the blazing orange cockpit glass (MW2mercs homage "look at the bright side kid you get to keep all the money"), that big laser lens just looks pretty and number stencilled on his shiny metal ass give me a chuckle when I see it.

I guess I can talk some about the back story now. The idea for this started back in September when I found all the game models only problem is I wasn't a 3d Modeller so I spoke a a friend and see if he could turn these into paper plans. Turn out they would be better off been remodelled for them to work with paper. Then I started to think about 3D printing but it was too big of an ask for my friend so I started out myself very slow and very frustrating.

3D printing requires perfect mesh known as a 'water tight' for MWO purposes they just require something that appears solid. The two are far part from one another and its an eye bleeding maze to work out.

I was about 1/4 of the way through my first mech when my SSD drive went poof along with everything I was working on. For me it was a massive blow to moral. It wasn't until around Christmas some friends in Death Hands Bridge found a quick and easy way to pull models out of the game did I started to think about trying again. This time I decide to get some help and someone gave me a starting point on the commando, which gave me the boost to get it done.

"Can I buy one!" "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"is what my email inbox has been screaming at me. I'll let you know in time.

Medium term I've gone past 3D printing and thinking about something whole lot more exciting and affordable for yourselves. So many ifs and buts between here and there I keep telling myself if you build it they will come.. I love to push myself, to be better, learn new skills and surpassing ones limits but most of all I love a stompy ROBOT!


  1. I'm new to this blog, and I would just like to say a few things. Firstly your work is absolutely incredible, and is a major inspiration to this aspiring 3D artist. That leads to my second question; what software do you use to create? I'm trying out blender and 123Design right now, but I hear a lot of MoI praise floating about.

    You also mentioned the possibility of a limited run, I would really love to be a part of this, and was wondering if there was a list I might be able to be put on, or perhaps a specific day I should make sure to be on here for the announcement?

    Well, thanks for your time time! Best of luck on future projects!

    -S. Lemay

    1. hello drop me a line at reversedisabled / I'd be happy to talk about the programs I used.


  2. Definitely hoping I have enough saved up for a Raven and Commando...